I'm Kyra and I am passionate about all aspects of media production including film, animation, and new forms of storytelling. With a wide range of interests in the arts, I’m always eager to learn new things and promote collaboration. My heart lies in capturing the essence of life, and I am driven to share it through my photography and narratives. In my works, I aspire to promote person-to-person connection and highlight the beauty of life within a technology driven future.As an undergraduate at New York University, I am experimenting with creative coding and enhancing my storytelling through interactive and non-linear forms.Feel free to reach out for collabs, photography, or any other questions!kyrareilley@gmail.com

Interactive Storytelling

Red Thread of Fate

My adaption of the Red Thread of Fate folklore is an animated, interactive story that immerses the users into connecting with each other through their experience of reaching the end of the tale. By having two plays press buttons that slowly get closer, they represent the characters that also get gradually closer to each other, finding that love is based on choice rather than fate.


As an adaptation of Octavia Butler's Bloodchild, this interactive prose story explores new structures in storytelling, while spiraling around truths of love in Butler's created world of Bloodchild. We can understand how love plays a bigger part through many different aspects of our lives and at its core holds us together to those around us.

All Roads

All Roads is a choose your own adventure game, exploring the concept of fate versus free will. While given the illusion of choice, All Roads reveals how our world is crafted so that the most ethical option is often a luxury, not a choice.

Film & Animation

Everything, Cervantes

Everything, Cervantes is an intimate portrait documentary of an in-home childcare.

Under the Stars

Under the stars, pieces of reality are connected and ever flowing.


"Blindside" music video for The Swell
Best Music Video Nominee for All American High School Film Festival (2023)

Space Cadet

A young boy with an immersive mind dreams of the day he can go to space, while his mother learns to open her eyes to his world of imagination. Created for the 2023 MiniCine Film Festival, which required us to complete it in 48 hours.

Lost Memories

A woman taking care of her elderly father looks back upon their memories, struggling to decide whether or not to keep taking care of him alone.

Slam Song

"Slam Song" music video for The Swell


Little Island, New York

Full Sunshine

Moonlight Beach, San Diego

Diana Cervantes' In-Home Childcare

Del Mar Beach, San Diego

Canyon Crest Academy's Productions of Puffs, RENT, The Lightning Thief, and Chasing Fear